Past Student Directed Seminars

Past SDS Coordinators

Past SDS Coordinators

2013/2014 (Top)

The Frankfurt School
PHIL 485 001
Coordinators: Jeremy Arnott, Hannah Tollefson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven Taubeneck

The Politics of Indigenous-Settler Reconciliation in Canada
FNSP 433A 001
Coordinator: Erica Baker
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Daniel Heath Justice

2012/2013 (Top)

ADHD: Attention Detours on a Highway Drive
ASTU 400A 001
Coordinator: Kay Seet Chee Chan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sunaina Assanand

Alzheimers’ Disease and Related Dementias
ASTU 400M 001
Coordinator: Jennifer Ferris
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Souza

Androids, Aliens, Spaceships and Death Rays: Theorizing Science Fiction in Popular Culture
ASTU 400D 001
Coordinator: Laurel Rogers
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Larissa Lai

Culture, Resources, and Conflict: The Anthropology of Mining in the Global South
Coordinator: Gabriel Giauque
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Barker

Diplomatic Procedure and Delegation within the United Nations
ASTU 400H 001
Coordinators: Terrie Chan, Pedram Maheiddinibonab
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Crawford

Introduction to Behavioral Economics
COMM 486B 201
Coordinators: WeiYi Shen, Haoran Jiang
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chloe Tergiman

Marx and Das Kapital
PHIL 487
Coordinators: Wayne Robinson, Dexter Fergie
Faculty Sponsor: Steven Taubeneck

Municipal Politics: A Practical Analysis
ASTU 400E 001
Coordinator: April Feenstra
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Maxwell Cameron

Nationalism and Separatism
ASTU 400C 001
Coordinator: Marion Benkaiouche
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Arjun Chowdhury, Dr. Allan Craigie

Neurophysiology of Attention: Data and Models
Coordinator: Benj Wansker-Kirsh
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lawrence Ward

Power, People, and Politics in the HBO television series the Wire
ASTU 400W 001
Coordinator: Sharon Doucet
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tiffany Potter

Representations of Vancouver in Contemporary Poetry and Prose
ASTU 400Y 001
Coordinator: Michael Prior
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laura Moss

Social Dimensions of the Internet and New Media
SOCI 433
Coordinators: Justin Kong, Salima Hirji
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tom Kemple

Social Mobilization and Advocacy for Climate Sustainability 
POLI 405B – CONS 449
Coordinator: Quinn Runkle
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Hoberg

Teetering Bulbs of Dread and Dream:Exploring Strange Loops and Tangled Hierarchies in Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach
PHIL 489
Coordinators: Travis LaCroix, Adrian Yee
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chris Mole

The Philosophy of Max Stirner
ASTU 400G 001
Coordinator: Kramer Rappos
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sylvia Berryman

United Nations and Diplomacy
ASTU 400J 001
Coordinators: Mike Hills, Montana Hunter
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Allen Sens

Youth in Transition: Community-Based Approaches to Exploring Social Determinants of Health
ASTU 400K 001
Coordinator: Melody Wang
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jim Frankish


2011/2012 (Top)

Birth, Breastfeeding, & Maternity Care from a Feminist Perspective
WMST 425B 001
Coordinator: Zoe Jordan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Becki Ross

Books on Trial: Modernism, Aesthetics, + Obscenity
ASTU 400B 001
Coordinator: Justin Yang
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Lorraine Weir

Challenging Ideas and Today’s Science
BIOC 490 001
Coordinator: Nicolas Coutin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jason Read

Development of the Modern State and Sexuality
WMST 425C 001
Coordinator: Carven Li
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Janice Stewart

Emerging Technologies and Business
COMM 486 201
Coordinator: Mimi YuFan You
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ronald T. Cenfetelli

Immigration and Multicultural Community Development: A Community‐Based Evaluation Research Approach
SOCI 433A 001
Coordinator: Amanda Cheong
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Wendy Roth

Multiculturalism: Menace, Myth, or Wave of the Future?
ASTU 400Y 001
Coordinator: Keshav Kelkar
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Michel Ducherme

Rationality + Human Decision Making
PSYC 417A 001
Coordinator: Erik Thulin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lawrence Ward

Reading Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit
PHIL 486A 001
Coordinator: Kenji Hayakawa
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christina Hendricks

The Case for Dramaturgy in Business
COMM 486B 001
Coordinators: Eunice Hii, Selena Shannon
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John X. Cooper

The Ethics of Tourism
HESO 449B 001
Coordinators: Andrea Paley, Sarah Gregory
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

The Politics of Food: History and Theory of North American Cultivation
ASTU 400F 001
Coordinator: Nicholas Ellan
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Glenn Deer

Understanding Canadian Identity Through Representations of Food
ASTU 400U 001
Coordinator: Serenade Yu
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laura Moss

United Nations & Diplomacy
ASTU 400U 001
Coordinator: Lindsey Richardson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Price


2010/2011 (Top)

Atheism, Religion, and Power
PHIL 487 001
Coordinator: Scott Carlson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Christina Hendricks

Contemporary Research in Manipulating Consciousness
Coordinators: Theo Rosenfeld, Colin Steinmann, Chris Rogers
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Christopher Mole

Critical Perspectives of Healthy and Activity: Who’s In and Who’s Out
HKIN 489
Coordinators: Alex Taub, Emilie Whittemore
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Laura Hurd Clarke

Democracy and Development in the Age of the Internet and New Media
ASTU 400F 001
Coordinators: Caroline Durran, Alex Bookbinder
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Alfred Hermida

Developing Internationalists: Critical Approaches to Service
Coordinator: Ricardo Segovia
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Shafik Dharamsi

Ecohealth: Global Implications
HESO 449
Coordinators: Dena Javadi, Nadine Quereshi
Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Spiegel

Fairytales Retold
ASTU 400C 002
Coordinator: Nafiza Azad
Faculty Sponsor: Suzanne James

Food Science Applications to Address to Nutrient Deficiencies in Developing Countries
FNH 490
Coordinators: Chelsea Leung, Beatriz Ramos
Faculty Sponsors: Dr Li-Chan, Dr Judy McLean

Historical Fiction and the Makings of a Canadian Identity
Coordinator: Richard Kemick
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Robert McDonald

Issues in Korean Politics
ASTU 400G 001
Coordinator: Jin Young Park
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Kyung Ae Park

Journalism in the 21st Century
Coordinator: Justin McElroy
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Mary Lynn Young

Landscapes of Energy
GEOG 442
Coordinator: George Rahi
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Philippe Le Billon

Multicultural/Pluralism and Identity in Canada
SOCI 433
Coordinators: Christina Kwon, Hanae Akiyama, Asuka Ichikawa
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Neil Guppy

Perspectives on Peace: An Examination of Post Conflict Societies
ASTU 400D 001
Coordinators: Julia Palmiano, Amber Hill
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Judy McLean

So it goes…The Modern American Voice of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
ASTU 400H 001
Coordinator: Tony Eden
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Christopher Lee

Stealing History-Art and Cultural Property Theft in Situations of Armed Conflict
Coordinator: Claudia Pedrero
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Allen Sens

Sustainability and Greenization Initiative
Coordinator: Resha Sabti
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Bruce Dunwoody

The Business of Biotechnology
Coordinator: Dawei Ji
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Brett Finlay

The History of Quebec Nationalism
HIST 420D 201
Coordinator: Mathieu Swiderski
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lara Silver

The Politics of English Language Teaching: Ethics, Ideology, and Imperialism
LLED 491B 002
Coordinator: Alyssa Satterwhite
Faculty Sponsor: Steven Talmy

Topics and Methods in Computer Science Education
CS 490
Coordinator: Elizabeth Patitsas
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Wolfman

Topics on International Development and Project Ecuador
HESO 449
Coordinators: Monique Smith, Sarah Mohebiany
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Jerry Spiegel

Transgressive Sexuality in Science Fiction
Coordinator: Andy Holloway
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Janice Stewart

United Nations & Diplomacy
Coordinator: Dominika Ziemczonek
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Allen Sens


2009/2010 (Top)

United Nations and Diplomacy
Coordinator: Sarah Chambers
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Allen Sens

Leadership in Social Enterprise
COMM 486D-101
Coordinators: Paulina Lipska and Fiona McGlynn
Faculty Sponsor:Jeff Kroeker

Five Novels of Jane Austen: Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery
Coordinators: Jenna-Lee Shephard and Christa Defazio
Faculty Sponsor:Lee Johnson

Ethics in International Development
HESO 449A 003
Coordinator: Andra Dediu
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

Communications in Food Systems Analysis
GEOG 442
Coordinator: Ben Amundson
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Juanita Sundberg

FutureSocial Design Charrette
ENDS 482C 001
Coordinators: Jon-Scott Kohli and Alexandra Manson
Faculty Sponsor:Mari Fujita

Anthropology of the Secular
ANTHRO 433A 003
Coordinators: Azim Islam and Rania Mashkoor
Faculty Sponsor:Sonia Das

Topics in Family Law: Child Protection Law
LAW 362D 001
Coordinator: Jaime Sarophim
Faculty Sponsor:Sharon Sutherland

Critical and Comparative Economics
ASTU 400Y 002
Coordinators: Charles Zhu and Tiffany Tong
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. William Rees

Knowledge and Power in International Relations: Critical Perspectives
ASTU 400J 002
Coordinators: Lucy Rodina and Brent Cooper
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Richard Price

Increasing Access to Essential Medicines in Developing Countries: Strategies and Barriers
Coordinator: Sonja Babovic
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Kishor Wasan

Counter Enlightenments
PHIL 486A 001
Coordinator: Royce Zeisler
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Christina Hendricks

Trade, Aid, and International Health
HESO 449B 002
Coordinator: Aneil Jaswal
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Jerry Spiegel

An Exploration of how the Media is Indoctrinating the Mind’s of the Next Generation
SOCI 433A 003
Coordinator: Jacqueline Cheng
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Neil Guppy

Interdisciplinary Applications of Evolutionary Theory
BIOL 490A-201 and ASTU 400B-002
Coordinators: Scott Newson and Yana Eglit
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Santokh Singh

Enterprise Web Application Development
CPSC 490-201
Coordinator: Payam Moghaddam
Faculty Sponsor:Meghan Allen

Topics in International Service Learning
HESO 449B 001
Coordinators: Yan Xu and Sabine Lague
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

Canada’s Impact on Human Security in Africa
ASTU 400W 002
Coordinators: Annabel Wong, Sarina Rehal, and Tanja Bergen
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Erin Baines

Topics in International Service Learning
HESO 449B 001
Coordinators: Yan Xu and Sabine Lague
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

An Outlook on the Iranian Cinema and Music
ASTU 400Z 002
Coordinators: Mandana Salimian and Nardin Roshin Moniri
Faculty Sponsor:Mory Gomshei

Creating a National Image: Iconography and Identity in Canada
Coordinator: Britt Gallpen
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. John O’Brian

Science and Civilization in Islam
ISCI 490 and ASTU 400M-002
Coordinators: Aalia Sachedina and Raheem Noormohammed
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

Physics and Society
PHYS 447B 002
Coordinator: Tess Baker
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Janis McKenna and Dr. Chris Waltham

2008/2009 (Top)

Repatriation as Reconciliation
ANTH 433
Coordinators:Jennifer Robinson and Sarah Turnbull
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Susan Rowley

United Nations and Diplomacy
ASTU 400A, Section 001
Coordinator:Elysa Hogg
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Allen Sens

Contemporary Issues in International Health Aid
HESO 449
Coordinators: Iran Seyed-Raeisy and Trisha Taneja
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jerry Spiegel

Sustainable Green Design: Building an Ecosystem
Coordinators:Morghain Gibbons and Ross Richardsen
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Susan Nesbit

The Sex Industry: Regulations and Representations
SOCI 433A, Section 004
Coordinator:Natasha Wright
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Amy Hanser

Health Issues in Latin America
Coordinators:Monica Freudenreich and Katy Konyk
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Jon Beasley-Murray

The Politics of Health Care Reform
Coordinator:Rebecca Brooke
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Alan Jacobs

Issues Associated with Recreational Drug Use
Coordinators:Anthony Gador and Ankur Midha
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brian Cairns

Shakespeare: The Final Frontier
Coordinator:Michael LaPointe
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John X. Cooper

Problem Solving in Computer Science
Coordinators:Robert Tseng and Christopher Head
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. William Evans

UBC Reads
ENVR 490
Coordinators: Jessica Baas and Chelsea Burns
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Spiegelman

The Art and Architecture of Iran
Coordinators:Sadaf Yahyai and Shadi Mahmoodi
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Rhodri Windsor-Lacombe and Dr. Mory Ghomshei

International Health and Development
HESO 449B 003
Coordinators:Amaan Banwait and Aleem Kara
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

Politicization of Science
ISCI 490
Coordinator:Elizabeth Hendren
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Sunita Chowrira

Philosophy of Technology and the Body
Coordinator:Erik Hoff
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Steven Taubeneck

Perspectives on Health Policy and Social Justice
Coordinators:Jeremy Taylor and Heather Allyn
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Steve Morgan

Beyond the Dark Side of the Mind: Positive Psychology
Coordinators:Kartika Kepper and Keita Demming
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Darrin Lehman

What the Dickens! An Indepth Analysis of one of English Literature’s Most Influential Writers
ASTU 400B, Section 001
Coordinator:Lydia Hol
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sarika Bose

Science Fiction and the City
Course Number:ASTU 400D / 002
Coordinator:Matthew Blunderfield
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Gisele Baxter

Socio-Ethical Issue in Drug Development: Who benefits? Who pays?
Coordinator:Nancy Yao Yao
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Janet Atkinson-Grosjean

Behavioural Economics
Coordinator:Rahul Bhui
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Paul Bartha

The Food Network: A multidisciplinary approach to the modern meal
Coordinator:Rory Babin
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Juanita Sundberg

The Analysis and Writing of Young Adult Fiction
CRWR 447-001
Coordinators:Lindsay Wong and Shannon Campbell
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Katherine Patterson

History of the Canadian Arctic
Coordinator:Timothy Burkhart
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Tina Loo

History of Tibet since 1900
Coordinator:Victor Qian
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Colin Green

Internet Application Development
Coordinator:Billy Lin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Meghan Allen

Practical Experiments in Contemporary Art
Coordinator:Kathryn Blair
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marina Roy

Minds in the Gutter: The Role of Women in Comics
WMST 235 425B/001
Coordinators:Sarah-Nelle Jackson and Aislin Stott
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Janice Stewart

Mythic Connections: The Significance of Myth in Modern Storytelling
Coordinator:Chelsey Stuyt
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lyn Rae



2007/2008 (Top)

Think Globally, Act Locally: Citizenship in Vancouver
SOCI 433A 002
Coordinators: Esther Yuen and Maureen Mendoza
Faculty Sponsor: Rima Wilkes

Popular Culture and Folklore in Contemporary Japan
ASTU 400B-001
Coordinator:Yoshiko Kosugi
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Adheesh Sathaye

The Baha’I Faith and Today’s World
ASTU 400E-001
Coordinator: Sahand Vafadary
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Lee Brown

Approaches to Teaching Community Health Internationally
SOCI 433A 002
Coordinators: Vanessa Barbosa and Natalie Amram
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jerry Spiegel

Contemporary Iranian History and Governments
ASTU 400D-001
Coordinators: Bahador Moosavi Zadeh and Razi Davar Ardakani
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Daniel Vickers

Graphic Novels: Legitimizing the Genre
ASTU 400A -001
Coordinator: Phedra Deonarin
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Kevin McNeilly

Medicine in the 21st Century: Delivery and Care
Coordinator: Bez Toosi
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Bernie Bressler

Perspectives on Health: From Local to Global
FNH 497B
Coordinator: Melanie Byland and Nadia Formigoni
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jim Frankish

Sociology of Urban Poverty
SOCI 433
Coordinator: Sarah Brayne
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Wendy Roth

Chick Lit: Making (Over) a Context
ENGL 490-015
Coordinator: Anita Law
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Giselle Baxter

The Fundamentals of Tropical Disease
Coordinator: Goldis Chami
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patricia Schulte

The Rise of Modern China
GEOG 442
Coordinator: Justin Carter
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jim Glassman

Climate Change: Technological Solutions and Social Realities
Coordinators: Daniel Klein and Emma Hume
Faculty Sponsors: Sheldon Duff, Mary Lynn Young (consulting)

Contemporary Art in Vancouver
Coordinator: Allison Shields
Faculty Sponsor: Marina Roy

Lifting the Veil: Representations of Middle-Eastern Women
WMST 425
Coordinators: Aneeta Dastoor and Farah Sheriffdeen
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Joel Martineau

Geography of an ‘African’ Woman
GEOG 442-202
Coordinators: Atifa Kassam and Fatou Wurie
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Phillipe LeBillon

Sustainability in Engineering
APSC 262
Coordinator: Duncan McNicoll
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Carla Paterson

The United Nations and Diplomacy
ASTU 400C-001
Coordinator: Anna Filippova
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Allen Sens

2006/2007 (Top)

Managing Diversity in Organizations: Challenging the ‘-isms’ in Organizational Culture and Social Networks
COMM 490B and ASTU 400E
Coordinators: Eiston Lo and Josephine Wong
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Marc-David Seidel

Higher Education Reform:
Coordinators: Iain Snee and Brittany Baum
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marc-David Seidel

Conflict Management Systems
Coordinator: Bijan Ahmadian
Faculty Sponsor: Sharon Sutherland

Consumer Culture and Identity in Latin America
Coordinator: Angela Chaisson
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Alejandra Bronfman

Problem Solving in Computer Science
CPSC 490
Coordinators: Igor Ostrovsky and Andrew Rothbart
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patrice Belleville

Constructing Everyday Life: The Sociology of Popular Culture
SOCI 433
Coordinators: Kerry Watts and Anna Downing
Faculty Sponsor: Dr.Tom Kemple

Philosophy of Cognitive Liberty
PHIL 489
Coordinator: Robin Tavender
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Steven Taubeneck

The Graphic Novel as Literature
ENGL 490
Coordinator: Drew Gilmour
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kieran Kealy

The Rise of Modern Medicine and its Impact on Society
Coordinators: Brinda Shah and Kathryn Hunter
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Keith Benson

Immigration and Identity in Canada
Coordinator: Madeleine de Trenquayle
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gillian Creese

An Investigation into Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
Coordinator: Sylvia Lim
Faculty Sponsor:Lynda Eccott

Communalism and Politics in South Asian Literature:
Coordinators: Komal Kumar and Nabila Pirani
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ken Bryant

History and Literature of Iran
Coordinators: Mani Roshan Moniri and Nazanin Roshan Moniri
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mory Ghomshei

History of Taiwan
Coordinator: Iris Chen
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Nosco

Appropriate Technology in International Development
APSC 262
Coordinators: Kris Madelung and Davey Mitchell
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Millar

Sexual Violence:
Coordinators: Bryce Westlake and Dominika Kupczyk
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Becki Ross

English Unbound
Coordinators: Amanda Reaume and Johnson Chan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marlene Briggs

Diplomacy and the United Nations
Coordinators:Jennifer Brooke and Amir Musin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ramjee Parajulee

An Introduction to the Fields and Methods of Biomedical Research
Coordinators: Noah Alexander and Gordon Kirkpatrick
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Agnes Lacombe

2005/2006 (Top)

Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll: Popular Culture, 1970s to Today
Coordinator: Ashley Bayles
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gisele Baxter

Transforming Theory to Action:An Exploration of Critical Race and Critical Pedagogy Praxis
Coordinator: Mia Amir
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Juanita Sundberg

Problem Solving in Computer Science
CPSC 490
Coordinators: Dustin Tseng and Mike Li
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. David Kirkpatrick

Politics of HIV/AIDS in Africa
Coordinator: Brenda Ogembo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jerry Spiegel

Globalization and the Environment
ISCI 490
Coordinators: Ashley Good and Shelby Tay
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Spiegelman

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Japanese Culture
Coordinator: Yvonne Kong
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sharalyn Orbaugh

Eye of the Beholder: A Study of the Social Experience of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Coordinators: Vivian Tsang, Catherine Kwan, Kenneth Lau and Anita Siu
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Josephine Chui-Duke

Corporate Social Responsibility – Solutions and Limitations
Coordinators: Aruna Ranganathan and Elim Ng
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Nemetz

Political Entities, Political Identities
Coordinator: Savka Andic
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Hani Faris

Factors in the Modeling the Spread of Disease
Coordinator: John Lang
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Hogg

Topics in Stem Cell Research
Coordinator: James Wilton
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Fabio Rossi

Seminal Papers in Marine Biogeochemistry
Coordinators: David Semeniuk, Melissa Rohde, and Amber Annett
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Susan Allen

Anarchism and Everyday Life
Coordinator: D’Arcy Pocklington
Dr. Charles Menzies

Human Rights at Home: A Practical Approach to Challenging the ~isms
Coordinators: Nae English and Rosemary Morgan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Neil Guppy

The Role of Technology in International Development
APSC 262
Coordinators: Michelle Murphy and Anna Akkerman
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Walter Merida

Exploration of Iranian Contemporary Art and Culture
Coordinators: Pooya Khalili and Iman Khalili
Faculty Sponsor: Enrique Manchon

Theorizing and Practicing Education for Integrated, Whole Human Development
Coordinator: Jen Cizman
Jane Flick

An Insight into Biomedical Research: Clinical Research, Innovative Technology and Integrated Healing
Coordinators: Dianna Louie and Sarah Neumann
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Richard Barton

Social, Cultural and Clinical Issues of the Child Bearing Year
Coordinators: Marijke de Zwager and Yarra Vostrcil
Faculty Sponsor: Elaine Carty

2004/2005 (Top)

Clinical Sports Nutrition
FNH 497B
Coordinator: Sinead Feeney
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ryna Levy Milne

Renewable Energy Engineering
APSC 498
Coordinators: Kym Rich and Matt Clarke
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Scott Dunbar

Persian Poetry: Classical to Modern
Coordinator:Khatereh Aminoltejari
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mory Ghomshei

International Relations: Critical Theories & Representation
Coordinators: Jose Poveda, Sam Leung, and Christina Apostol
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Crawford

Innovative Technology in Biomedical Research
BIOL 448
Coordinator: Edmond Chau
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Barton

Topics in HIV / AIDS Research
Coordinator: Brian Scarth
Faculty Sponsor: Richard Harrigan

Intimate Discussions with Sex/uality in Renaissance Drama
Coordinator: Brianna Wells
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Stephen Guy-Bray

Problem Solving in Computer Science
CPSC 490
Frank Chu
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Tsiknis

Analytical Approaches to Scientific Writing
Coordinators: Courtney Campbell, Michael Long, and Andrew Thamboo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Wayne Goodey

The Theory and Practice of Debate
Coordinator: Teddy Harrison

Terrorism and its Impact on Society
Coordinator: Samira Perera

20th Century Continental Philosophy in Context
ENGL 409
Coordinator: Jeremy Rawkins
Charles Barbour

A Scientific and Experiential Exploration of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
ISCI 448
Coordinator: Muneera Hussain
Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Lyren Chiu

Community Ecology & Communicable Diseases
Coordinators: Rehana Nanjijuma and Shazia Karmali
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Shafiq Dharamsi

Introduction to the Role of Technology in International Development
APSC 262
Coordinators: Monica Rucki and Danny Higginson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Susan Nesbit

Development Issues in Africa
Coordinators: Kerrie Thornhill and Hop Wo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Allen Sens


A Critical Look at TV News
Coordinator: John Pippus
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jane Flick

Psychoneuroimmunology and Mind-Body Medicine
Coordinator: Anita Komonski
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ingrid Price

Topics in Midwifery Practice
MIDW 220
Coordinators: Carolyn Saunders and Tamara Nammas
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elaine Carty

Medical Innovation and Healthcare Politics
ISCI 448
Coordinator: Pouya Rezazadeh-Azar
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ian Scott

Seminar on African Issues
Coordinator: Veronica Fynn
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Glen Peterson

Topics in Bioinformatics
Coordinators: Grace Zheng and Carol Huang
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Francis Ouellette

Theory into Practice: Art and Society in Vancouver
Coordinators: Laura Witt and Serena Carreira
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marina Roy

Hamiltonian Dynamics
Coordinators: Jordan Schultz and Ryan Mckenzie
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mona Berciu

Multimedia Practice in Education
Coordinators: Corisande Baldwin, Lana Trey, and Christopher Zappavigna
Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Anne-Marie Lamonde

Diplomacy and Negotiation
POLI 370
Coordinators: Ana-Maria Blanaru, Marko Papic, and Alexander Navarro-Chua
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Price


CPSC Problem Solving Course
CPSC 448
Coordinators: Igor Naverniouk and Ali Taleghani
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Tsiknis

A Study of the Decline of Selected Civilizations
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. William Wray

An Investigation into Integrative, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
PHAR 450
Coordinators: Irfan Kuo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ingrid Price

Eating Disorders: from prevention to treatment
FNH 490
Coordinator: Sarah Kielly
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ryna Levy-Milne

The Crusades
Coordinator: Craig Jangula
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. R. Unger

Coordinator: Ivan Tucakov
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jaymie Matthews

Environmental Action
GEOG 448
Coordinator: Deanna Del Vecchio
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Juanita Sundberg

Scandals in History
Coordinator: Sri Bhavani Ganesan

An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Marine Protected Areas
ISCI 448
Coordinator: Becky Freedman
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lee Gass

Activist Media Studies
SOCI 433
Coordinator: Eric Rosenberg
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. R. Ratner


The Harm Principle
PHIL 486
Coordinator: Marc Legacy

Appropriate Technology and Engineering Ethics in the Developing World
APSC 262
Coordinator: Jordan Ko
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Crawford

Integrative, Complementary, & Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
PHAR 450
Coordinators: Liana Hwang and Ryan Morasiewicz
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lynda Eccott

Environmental Movements
SOCI 433
Coordinator: Daphne Hamilton-Nagorsen
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. David Tindall

Cognitive Liberty: Psychedelic Perspectives
PHIL 486
Coordinator: Mark Bryan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jim Dybikowski

Historical Mysteries
ASTU 400
Coordinators: Elisa Wakabayashi and Terrance Yue
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. M. Boudreau


Empowerment, Engagement and Social
ASTU 400
Coordinator:Sara Ross
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rob Van Wynsberghe

Sustainability in Vancouver
ASTU 400
Coordinator:R. Drage
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Fiona Crofton

Introduction to Asian Performing Arts
Coordinator:C. Mackie
Professor Peter Loeffler

Future Problem Solving and Gifted Education
EPSE 390
Coordinator: Kevin Burnell
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marion Porath

Social Justice
ASTU 400
Coordinator:Sima Zerehi
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Maureen Ryan

An Investigation into Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
PHAR 450
Coordinator:A. J. Rubin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Barton


Mathematical Ratios and Patterns in Nature Biology
BIOL 448
Coordinator: Jen Sunday
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Martin Adamson

An Investigation into Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
Coordinator: Ashley Riskin
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Barton

Film in Post-Colonial Asia
Coordinator: Nicki Magnolo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ken Bryant

Management of Natural and Human Resources in the Georgia Basin
ASTU 400
Coordinator: Tom Bird
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Robinson

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